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Assalamualaikum and Hi !

In the opinion of you guys, what are the most important items to bring when you want to get out? Although nowadays people tell their time from their mobile phones but there are some people who still appreciate the wonderful wrist watch. Yes! its me! For me, it serves as a time telling instrument as well as accessory. Yes definitely a 2-in-1 combo! It feels incomplete to me if I go out without wearing a watch. 

One of the popular watch brands in the fashion industry, of course Casio! The brand never fails to always keep in track with the latest fashion trends to provide their customers with the best Casio watches selection.  'Casio watches' are definitely for the individuals who love a classic yet trendy touch to their look.  Awww so sweet ! ' 

This is are obliged for all beautiful women out there refer as a watch like this will definitely be the first choice and how to wear them on casual day out, class, party, event or even at work, shall adopt practical time too hahaha! Believe me it is very beautiful.

The first : Elegant Silver

very beautiful!!

A silver time piece from CASIO is definitely a must-have piece to own especially if you prefer simplicity. Its like me. Silver is my favourite colour for items is worth to me. Besides that, it can be paired with anything you have on which makes your styling job easier. The simplicity of the watch design is suitable to get that modest look and helps reveals a humble yet stylish fashion appearance. Wear it to any occasion with confidence and style.
The second : Simple Leather

This design is very sweet. So, its very suitable for the ladies who want to show off a mature and charismatic side is the stunning simple leather wrist watch. It can be worn with any outfit and still give you a sophisticated appeal.  

The third : Accessorize Your Gold!

For fans of the color of gold out there, this signature gold design watch from Casio will definitely give you a professional look as well as helps portrays the ladylike personality. Bring your gold Casio watches on top of its game by adding some matching jewelleries to enhance the appearance. Have fun and create a fantastic OOTD wearing the signature gold Casio timepiece and step out of the house feeling fashionable as ever.  Sure your pictures on social networking sites that will be more attractive.

so what are you waiting? get your casio watch now at ZALORA 

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