Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What to update?

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! 
Its me yaya here.

Too many things I want to write on the blog. But I have no idea.
Too many things that need to be resolved.

So, I want to write about something simple. Just write about anything that cross in my mind. a lot of things happen lately my schedule is the same every day. Class, eat, another class, assignment, test, class, event, test, presentation, assignment, class replacement, test, submit assignments, presentation and the most tired of all is the deadline! 

I feel very happy have a friend who understands, like housemate and classmates. They helped me a lot in making the work. They also helped me when I feel down. They also encouraging to me other than my parents. I love them. Although someone hurt me,  when I start feeling sad they have to persuade me, they also taught me to be positive and calm. How Sweet?! *banyak makan gula eh?

A lot of work the delayed right now.I'm not sure if my email is broken or the person does not want to reply to my email. Pelik!

Housemate cayang-cayang. Hahahaha padahal bila dalam rumah macam orang berperang. 

(muka saya teruk sangat masa ni, hahaha)

My Tan Siew May ( saya je panggil dia nama tu) nama dia ceroll or bila dimelayukan jadi kairul 
Heyyy ceroll, jangan lawa sangat boleh? hihihi

Buat kerja sama-sama dalam library,  assignment punye berlambak siap stress sama-sama. 

Eh lagi bape minggu je ni  sem 6 nak habis. InsyaAllah
Lepas ni tak jumpe lama tau. Eh terlalu rindu uuuu.. Terlalu rindu uuu

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